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How can we help you?

We will help you solve your problem by working out its root causes, thereby eliminating its manifestation in the future. We guarantee that the result will be as soon as possible or we will return the money. But this has not happened yet.

    • divorce, breakups;
    • treason;
    • loss;
    • frequent quarrels;
    • codependency;
    • toxic relationships;
    • attachments;
    • child-parent relations;
    • separation from parents;
    • difficulties with the upbringing and education of children.
    • conflicts with children.

    • no taste of life;
    • loss of meaning in life;
    • stress, fears, phobias;
    • panic attacks;
    • depression;
    • anxiety;
    • restlessness and tearfulness in children.

    • frequent conflicts;
    • problems at work and in business;
    • aggressiveness, short temper, unbalance;
    • lack of interaction with the world.
    • isolation;
    • lack of friends in children;
    • conflicts at school.

    • low self-esteem, insecurity;
    • touchiness;
    • the desire to understand yourself;
    • crises;
    • feelings that interfere with life (shame, guilt);
    • lack of attention and love;
    • internal sabotage;
    • low academic performance in children;
    • fatigue in children;
    • hyperactivity in children.

    • psychosomatics;
    • poor physical condition;
    • laziness and procrastination;
    • lack of strength and energy.

    • alcoholism;
    • gambling addiction;
    • eating;
    • internet addiction.

Diagnostics and consultation

From 10 000 tng
From 20 000 tng
10 000 tng
with a specialist
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